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85D - ROSE MOSCOU (CLIP) (ce clip est génial)

Single "Rose Moscou" disponible sur toutes les plateformes de streaming et soundcloud.

Scénario : Nicolas Mercier
Réalisation : Kevin Deker, Tom Garnier-Neveux
Graphismes : Laurine Deker
Post-production et montage : Tom Garnier-Neveux

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Suis-moi sur Instagram : www.instagram.com/85_d_/

Why I Bought the Cheapest Tesla Model S 85D

Here is the Outback replacement! Inspired by Hoovie, the goal of this video is to share the thought (or lack of) that went into choosing an this 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. Hope it can be of use to someone searching for their next car :)

2015 Tesla Model S 85D Review

Reviewing the most influential car of the decade... I also reviewed the facelifted version as well.

Cliff notes, styling is gorgeous, interior holds up pretty well, interior space is cavernous, quality is just ok, technology is very good still, sad to say no 4G connection so no YouTube or Netflix while you wait to charge. The charger only goes up to 100 KW/HR so not too fast, but many chargers still only charge up to 150 KW/HR so not a huge miss. Acceleration is still a forte and is still very quick.

Used ones are going at a great price, problem is still range if you do a lot of road trips and don't want to spend a lot of time waiting around for the battery to recharge. Even if you optimize and only charge when the battery is at its optimum percentage for charge and is preconditioned.

Hard to beat for the looks, acceleration and eco friendliness, but know many other cars in the price range that drive subjectively better.

Use a referral code to buy a Tesla! Whether it is mine or someone else's use someones!




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