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How To Clean Printer Head in HP Printers HP Photosmart 8200 C8100 C5180 C6180

How To Clean Printer Head in HP Photosmart c5180 c6200Printer
This is a instructional video on alternative method to Clean Printer Head In HP Photosmart Printers. This video is done with HP Photosmart C5180 printer, but it will work will all printers that use HP 02 ink Cartridges.This method can also work on other printers that have refillable ink tanks like Epson and Canon Printers, see list below.

If you are looking for Tanks and ink for this printer you can find it at Amazone:

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» HP Photosmart 8200 Printer series
» HP Photosmart D7100 Printer series
» HP Photosmart D7200 Printer series
» HP Photosmart D7300 Printer series
» HP Photosmart D7400 Printer series
» HP Photosmart 3100 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart 3200 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart 3300 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C5100 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C6100 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C6200 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C7100 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C7200 All-in-One series
» HP Photosmart C8100 All-in-One series

First Think you will need is a set of refillable Ink cartridge. You can purchase them from eBay fairly cheap, just remember to make sure that the ink tanks have self rest chips as some inks do not come with the chip.
2nd we will need to create a cleaning solution. There is more than one option
1st cleaning solution is ammonia and Alcohol
2nd cloning solution is Windex original and Alcohol. (this solution will work but it is not my favorite because it will create bubbles in tanks and they can get into the ink system and create ink system failure.
You can add the solution to the empty tanks and insert them into the printer.
You will need to print around 50-100 full color pages and adding cleaning solution in between.
Once you print over 50 pages you will want to empty the tanks and add good ink into the cartridges.
After you replaced all the tanks with ink. You will began to print around 30-60 pages with adding ink in between the process. This is so that we can flash the Cleaning solution from the printer.
Once that is done you should be all set.
Please not that This will not always work. I spend over 5 hours doing this so you may want to ask your self if you want to waist your time and money to do this. You would be probably better of just getting a new printer.
More subscribers, more videos I will Upload
Jimbo360 : It's hard to understand!
R R : What is the ratio? Water/Alcohol/Ammonia?
KoolBreeze420 : Does this not have the hp solution centre with the option to self-clean? I have a c7250 and in the printer toolbox in the hp solution centre, there's an option to align the heads clean the heads print test pages etc. I just did the cleaning and the alignment and it cleared right up. I haven't used my printer in 5 years until today so I imagine the print heads were a little dusty and clogged with dry ink but the head cleaning did its job. Maybe you could do it that way and not have to go through all of this. We have the same ink cartridges well I don't have the large reservoirs on the outside as you do just them cartridges somehow my black one died and it wasn't detecting any of the other cartridges, thankfully I had a spare and the only problem I have is it thinks that the ink is out of date and I guess it is but it still prints beautifully. I think it's a ploy to make you buy more ink, what I found odd about this system with mine if the black cartridges chips go out they all go out. I can even put the black one in alone and it doesn't realize that the other 5 are not installed doesn't work that way with regular cartridges just these refillable's. That's a lot of wasted paper and I saw that the printer does have printhead cleaning option you really should just use that system it does a great job all by itself and it only takes maybe 4 pages.
Sue M : Is there any way to bypass the colors that are empty and just replace the black to make it print just black ink?
༒ACE PRABA ༒ GAMER : How to buy this product
chica boom : I did this method using the Windex solution and regret it now. I got system failure and there were a ton of bubbles inside the clear cartridges. Can I fix this now?
Roland Bruggmann : Thanks a lot.
The advice in how to clear failure status helped me (key combination 'left arrow' & 'Setup' ...).
Impossibur Ducklov : U can use liquid for mirrors-glass-cleaning actually. You need trilon-b in ingridiends
Admiral54 Barns : Blurry as hell. Did you film this with a potato?
Nene Addo Francis Kweitsu : you are the best...

HP Photosmart C5180 - Disassembly & Head Cleaning

Disassembly and printhead cleaning for HP Photosmart C5180 All-in-One Printer

printhead cleaning also applies to many HP Photosmart Printers:

Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5380
Photosmart C6180
Photosmart C6280
Photosmart C7180
Photosmart C7280
Photosmart C7288
Photosmart C8180
Don Pincott : Excellent Video Antystein, thank you. I am now trying to dismantle my Photosmart 8230 and I can't see how to unclip the two corner strips. These are a darker grey and run down the left and right sides of the top, the left and right front sides and curl around the front base for a short distance. There are three recessed latches on the top and depressing these frees the top portions but it is still firmly latched down the left and right sides and where it curls around the bottom front. Any ideas on how to free these sections?
starsunderglas : Just went through the entire process in your excellent video but I must have missed something because when I turn it on the carriage travels across and back then stops and says carriage jam. What did I do wrong?
Mannequinwizard : My black ink cartridge is making lines when i print a photo only on the black parts of the photos all the colors are fine so im guessing its the printhead something must be clogged
Steve.M : Excellent tutorial. Clear, concise, well-edited and no unnecessary chat.
Alin Olaru : thanks, very good video :)
Ricardo Pires : After done all the steps now i get a Ink System failure. 0xc19a0002. any advice?
MrHobbyOne : Thank you !
Joseph Aragon : Ty for this video, as a mechanic I have a notion to attempt this on my gfs c7280. Your video was inspiring to say the least.
Ray Schaar : Thanks for posting this. It made this process so easy. I appreciate you making my fix simple. Good Work!!
73Soundman73 : Best video I've seen regarding these Photosmart HP 02 series printers. My C8180 thanks you!

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주식회사 프린토스에서 HP 950 헤드 뚫는 방법을 공유하고자합니다. How to unclog HP950 printerhead by printos from Korea.
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Absolom Madhaka : 안녕하세요, HP7612 프린터에서 노랑 카트리지 대신 노랑 대신 녹색으로 인쇄하고 있습니다. 원인을 파악하고 있는데이 문제를 어떻게 해결합니까?
, : hp8710 노줄이 공기가 찼는데 헤드랑 카트리지가 글루건으로 잇어서 카트리지를 때지 못하는데 밑에 보니까 구멍이ㅛ던데 그걸로 석션 해도 되나요?
어게인D : 헤드 노즐이 새는 경우는 어떻게 하나요? 초록색으로 잉크가 샙니다.
그리운내포리 : 브라더 J3520도 가능하신가요??


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